Virtual and
Hybrid Events

Communication is key.

There is no doubt that how we interact with each other, be it in person or virtually, has changed over the last couple of years. Businesses have realized that they don’t need to depend solely on in-person events to reach or deliver content to their audiences.

Virtual and Hybrid events can extend the reach of your content, attract more interest in your company and help you stay in touch with clients, members, partners, and employees.

So what’s the difference between the two?

Virtual Events are events that exist only online.

A well-planned and delivered virtual event allows you to connect, collaborate and learn even when gathering in person is not practical.

Hybrid Events are physical events with a virtual component

Combining in-person events with online components creates an integrative and interactive experience for all audience members. 

Why hold a virtual or hybrid event?

What we do

Nothing beats experience, and we have plenty of it! 5by5 has provided solutions for live performances and webcasting for over 20 years.

 Whatever the purpose or type of event, we provide the most current technology solutions and in-person support to ensure the best possible results for you and your audience.

Some of the events we've delivered:


When COVID shut down most in-person conferences, it left dental governing organizations with the challenge of fulfilling their members' requirements for ongoing professional development. Therefore, in 2021, we collaborated with the Atlantic Provinces to present their conference training, trade show, and even social events as a virtual conference. As a result, instructors and attendees from around the world were able to share this experience.

AGRI-VALUE (Virtual Event)

The Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture presents the Agri-Value Forum and Networking Event each year. We helped them deliver this forum in 2021 with participants from across the globe, despite limitations on gathering and transportation. The event was presented as a multifunctional online event, complete with breakouts and team discussions.

WANISKA (Hybrid Event)

When the Waniska Center (Saskatchewan/Manitoba Indigenous Centre for HIV/HCV/STBBIs Inequities) held its grand opening ceremonies at Wanuskewin in 2021, travel restrictions meant that not all stakeholders were able to attend this venue in person. However, we were able to work with them to present a warm, compelling ceremony and program - beginning with a traditional sunrise ceremony and including participants and presenters in person and across the country in this unique hybrid event.

AGWEST BIO (Hybrid Event)

Among other mandates, AGWest BioTech provides training and knowledge-sharing opportunities. At the beginning of COVID lockdowns, a week of scheduled training was in danger of being lost. We worked with them to create a compelling hybrid experience to allow the training to proceed, with some students and presenters in person and others joining remotely.