About Us

5by5 was founded in Saskatoon, SK, in 2002 to apply emerging technology to challenging business problems. We have continued to make that our guiding principle. To look at each situation with fresh eyes and avoid the trap of doing things the way they have always been done “just because that is how it has always been.”

Our hands-on experience, along with our diverse background in IT, live production, and communication, has given us a great set of tools and a vital skill set for finding and developing new, exciting and efficient solutions for complex IT challenges. Solutions you won’t see from more traditional providers.

What's in a name?

What is this 5 by 5 thing anyway? The accepted definition (according to Wikipedia) is that this means the best possible radio signal report in the modern signal strength and readability report system, or simply put, loud and clear. We really liked this idea and thought it extended to both aspects of what we do – the development of IT tools that involve the communication of information, and our live production team making sure that messages and performances are clearly communicated to the audience. So here we are!